Tokara Director's Brandy, Snifter & Candle Set - Limited Edition

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2 brandy balloons
Tokara Director's Reserve Brandy
Safari Days Candle
Safari Days where spicy patchouli combines with a woody earthiness and a hint of wild sage.
Celebrate the natural beauty of the African Bushveld with this classic Cape Island single wick scented candle packaged in a beautiful teal and gold box. Hand poured in South Africa, using a soy wax blend and fine perfume oils imported from the Grasse region of France.
The elegant glass cup can be rinsed and recycled once the candle is done.
Approximate burning time of 35 hours.
250ml Candle.
Slow maturation in French oak barrels has enhanced the distinctive characteristics of the Tokara Ten Year Old Potstill Brandy.
The aromas abound with and subtle complex notes of fresh vanilla, dried fig, peach and raisin fruits. The floral pot-pourri aromas and rich jasmine and orange blossom notes add to the complexity of this brandy. The palate delivers mellow rounded flavours of caramel, dried apricots and a spicy pepper and saffron finish. This spirit is one of distinctive character with a fine length and depth of aftertaste.
38% Alcohol.
Made and bottled in Stellenbosch, South Africa.
Due to import restrictions alcohol is currently only delivered to select countries.
Classic balloon shape snifter to best experience your aged Armagnac, cognac & brandy. Durable stemmed and flat base for increased stability.
Shock and Heat Resistant
Hand Wash Only
Produced in France to offer value for money
129mm High
54cl / 540ml / 18.26 oz.