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Benefits of CBD oil include; Relieves pain – analgesic.Kills or slows bacterial growth – anti bacterial, Anti Microbial.Reduces blood sugar levels – anti diabetic.Reduces vomiting and nausea... View Full Description


Benefits of CBD oil include;
Relieves pain – analgesic.
Kills or slows bacterial growth – anti bacterial, Anti Microbial.
Reduces blood sugar levels – anti diabetic.
Reduces vomiting and nausea – anti emetic.
Reduces seizures and convulsion – anti epileptic.
Reduces inflammation – anti inflammatory.
Inhibits growth in tumors or cancer cells – anti proliferative.
Tranquillising – used to treat psychosis – anti psychotic/ anti-anxiety anxiolytic.
Suppresses muscle spasm – antispasmodic.
Relieves anxiety – anxiolytic.
Promotes bone growth – bone stimulant.
Modulate function in the immune system – immunosuppressive and stimulation.
Reduces contractions in the small intestines – Intestinal anti-pro kinetic.
Protects nervous system degeneration – neuro- protective.
CBD Oil - Regulates skin oil production, reduces acne, anti-inflammatory, soothes sunburn, speeds up wound healing, assists with aches and pains.
Hemp seed oil
1350mg in 30 ml.

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