Mohair Shower Mat

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Luxurious bespoke hand-woven mohair rug to pause on.
Hand woven-to-order by Karoo based master weavers using the finest fleece of the Angora goat from one of the oldest mohair studs in the world - mohair is one of the most ancient, exclusive and sustainable natural fibres. 
Mohair is soft, durable and has a beautiful lustre that adds a rich intensity and dimension to colour. These qualities make mohair ideal for rugs. Mohair is a uniquely African fibre and South Africa is the top mohair producing country in the world.
Made by Hand, from spinning to carefully trimming the finished mat
True to Origin, ethical  and Sustainable
Unique African heritage
Preserves rural South African craftmanship
54 x 86cm
6-8 Week lead time for Hand Weaving

    Colour Ranges

    Raw Landscapes Range

    Made from raw, uncarded mohair (unprocessed mohair locks). The fibre holds much of its natural texture and stains, having not gone through any mechanised process. Colours are light and warm to showcase the natural texture and unique colouring of the mohair.

    Karoo Plains Range

    This single colour-way range uses carded mohair (machine washed and combed) giving the mat a smoother, more luxurious feel. Colours range from light and crisp naturals to deep saturated earth tones celebrating mohair's ability to bring colour to life.