Handmade Sleep Mask

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A simplistic yet meaningful gesture to inspire peace, serenity and calmness.
This beautiful gift is the perfect sentiment to say thank you, congratulations and to celebrate any other special occasion at hand.
Handmade Sleep Mask
Handmade with special care, this cotton-knit sleep mask is the perfect accessory for everyday use and travel. Its light-blocking qualities will aid a deep and peaceful sleep.
Size Guide: Mask measures approximately 21cm x 9cm from the centre. Band measures approximately 31cm.
Cotton-wrapped Aromatherapy Lavender Bath Salts
A handful of therapeutic aromatherapy bath salts, beautifully wrapped in 100% cotton fabric.
Keepsake Gift Box
A beautiful keepsake gift box - reusable and lovely for storing mementos.
Box Size: 200x100x40mm