Six Dogs Chocolate - Ruby Blue

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Six Dogs Chocolate is a nod to our spirit of adventure and to our desire to try new things, create new experiences and celebrate all that is good about craft. We have collaborated with one of South Africa’s finest craft chocolatiers, Richard Von Geusau, to create a range of chocolates that not only complements our Gin but acknowledges the small kid in all of us.


Six Dogs Ruby Blue handcrafted Belgian chocolate is naturally pink, made from ruby chocolate beans that is normally discarded because of their colour and slightly tart taste. However, when combined with the Blue Pea flower, which also gives our Blue Gin its natural colour, the result is a surprisingly refreshing chocolate that is best enjoyed with a small sip of neat Six Dogs Blue to further reveal the floral nature of this Gin.


After lots of experimentation (tough job but someone’s got to do it!) we have found that the best way to pair your gin with chocolate is to:

1) take a bite of chocolate,
2) infuse with a small sip of gin (either neat or diluted with a few drops of water),
3) combine in your mouth,
4) swallow,
5) await the interesting sensation from your taste buds, and
6) repeat & experiment!

50g Bars.
Made in the Karoo, South Africa.
Due to import restrictions chocolate is currently only delivered to select countries.
As this a natural food item sensitive to temperature changes the consistency may change during delivery.