Sugarbird Juniper Unfiltered Gin

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Sugarbird® Original Fynbos Gin is distilled and infused with Cape Fynbos, allowing distinct, unique and proudly South African flavours.
Ready to get noticed? Yes please. Sugarbird® has taken gin back to its roots  to celebrate the personality and  flavour of Juniper – paying homage to the pure essence at the core of gin. This means that Juniper and citrus tones come first, followed by floral flavours of Black Pelargonium, sweet Crimson-eyed Hibiscus and Blueberries.
Tasting Notes:
Top notes of Juniper celebrating the London style, but rounded out  with fresh Rose Geranium, sweet Crimson-eyed Hibiscus and undertones of Cape May, Cape Chamomile and Pink Grapefruit.
43% Alcohol.
Made and bottled in Cape Town, South Africa.
Due to import restrictions alcohol is currently only delivered to select countries.