Sugarbird Original Fynbos Gin

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Sugarbird® Original Fynbos Gin is distilled and infused with Cape Fynbos, allowing distinct, unique and proudly South African flavours.
Sugarbird® Original Fynbos Gin has that lightly floral flavour that you’d expect from a quality gin, but - surprise! - you won’t expect the rare citrus twang, which is uniquely Sugarbird ®. You may also pick up notes of honeybush, rooibos, rose geranium, orange peel and buchu, originally sourced from the garden of one of Sugarbird®'s founders.
Tasting Notes:
Top notes of Rose Geranium. Supported by undertones of citrus peel, Cape Fynbos, pine and spices. Buchu and Hibiscus give the front floral note. Citrus fruit and juniper give the citrus body.
43% Alcohol.
Made and bottled in Cape Town, South Africa.
Due to import restrictions alcohol is currently only delivered to select countries.