Sugarbird Pino & Pelargonium Gin

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Sugarbird® Original Fynbos Gin is distilled and infused with Cape Fynbos, allowing distinct, unique and proudly South African flavours.
Why the pink, baby? Enter Pino & Pelargonium. A gin that celebrates two of South Africa’s most famous botanicals: Pinotage, a globally-loved South African grape varietal; and Pelargonium, a Fynbos plant that’s known around the world as Rose Geranium. The very soft, yet sweet-like, floral front of the palate is achieved with the layers of pelargonium, the rose geranium starts with its signature rose-water, turkish delight-like sweet spice, the lemon geranium then compliments the familiar juniper with a touch of refreshing citrus which then rounds off this lightly sweet beauty.
Tasting Notes:
Top notes of rose geranium balanced in layers with lemon, mint and pine-like juniper. Pelargonium gives you a sweet, floral flavour, while pinotage adds a striking and vibrant colour.
43% Alcohol.
Made and bottled in Cape Town, South Africa.
Due to import restrictions alcohol is currently only delivered to select countries.