About Curated.Africa

Curated.Africa is based in Cape Town, South Africa, with a love for quality products made in Africa.
The crafted products featured on Curated.Africa are produced in Africa, empowering African based entrepreneurs while celebrating our heritage.
Most of our items are produced in or around Cape Town and as we explore our beautiful continent, over time, we will bring you more treasures and heirlooms from our travels.
Select bespoke products are hand-made to order, and, like all things quality, will take a little more time for the artisan to craft - a fact we proudly celebrate!
We embrace the uniqueness of handmade items, and laud the slight individual shape and colour variations a piece may have, making it something personal only you will ever have. 
Our aim is to curate to reduce clutter, and focus on featuring quality products that are not only ethical but also environmentally sound.
Welcome to the Curated.Africa tribe!