Zero Carbon Footprint



All delivery carbon emissions are offset against reforestation


Transportation burns fossil fuels and generates emissions. Those emissions trap heat, leading the climate change. Through our certified partners your delivery order carbon emissions are neutralised.


Curated.Africa supports restoring nature to solve climate change. 


Nature is powerful. Through our partner's data leveraging, artificial intelligence, and automation protects ecosystems, restores forests, and improves carbon markets.
We believe that better data in the hands of people who care can create a healthy, living planet.


How technology measures forests



Combine Satellite Data

Use of LiDAR imaging, a technology based on laser measurements that can create 3D representations of forests. This is supplemented with a range of other satellite data including high resolution imaging.


Identify Forest Features using AI

Artificial intelligence techniques are used to analyse this satellite data. Machine learning algorithms process vast amounts of data and identify features (such as tree crown sizes and shapes) that are used to estimate carbon.


Estimate Carbon

Satellite models are trained using a vast network of partner field plots. Models can then be applied to brand new forests, making carbon and biomass estimates without manually measuring more trees.


Track Forest Activity

Machine learning models is used to answer questions about forests. For example, the last 30 years of a forest’s history is modelled to infer what would have happened to the forest without a carbon project. And radar data is used to monitor forest canopy and catch deforestation as it may be happening.


Plan New Forest Projects

Our partner Pachama’s goal is to develop these tools into a suite that can be used by organisations and individuals to create new forest carbon projects, preserving and growing millions of hectares of forest worldwide.