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SCENT envelops the lifestyle of simplicity, natural and pure goodness. 100 % plant based, SCENT is here to serve your senses and well-being. Hydrate, rejuvenate and awaken to the therapy of SCENT!
AFTER THE POO DROPS - Tangerine, Neroli and Rosemary
ENERGIZE - Blend of essential oils with Lemongrass notesmi
ESCAPE - Blend of essential oils with Bergamot notes
RELAX - Blend of essential oils with Neroli notes
AUTUMN - Essential oils with Rosewood notes
SPRING - Essential oils with Jasmin notes
SUMMER Essential oils with Mandarin notes
WINTEREssential oils with Pine notes
20ml (0.68 US FL OZ.)
50 ml (1.69 US FL OZ.)
CAUTIONS: Do not ingest the product. Flammable ‒ keep away from flames and heat sources. Avoid Eye contact. In case of eye contact, flush with water and seek medical attention. Do not mix with other detergents. Store product in a cool, dry place. Keep out of reach of children
This product is made from natural, plant based sources and does not contain silicone, parabens, petrochemicals, artificial dyes or fragrances. This drop is biodegradable and consist of a concentrated blend of essential oils and odour neutralizing surfactants that effectively neutralizes malodours, leaving a clean smelling bathroom.