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Vector Jar Candle

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Japanese Huckleberry Plum scented, a Japanese garden in bloom, inspiring a sense of peace and serenity. Light up this candle and let its warm & comforting scent transport you to a tranquil oasis.
Wick & Wild believes that thier candles have a magical power to transform spaces, create ambiance, and evoke beautiful emotions, made with love, passion, and a touch of enchantment to brighten up a space. They take immense pride in crafting candles with scents that are a cut above the rest, with a commitment to quality and authenticity means that they use only the finest, non-synthetic fragrances specifically formulated for candles.  
Experienced artisans carefully select a combination of high, mid, and base fragrances to create a multi-layered olfactory experience. This meticulous process ensures that each candle emits a balanced and harmonious aroma that evolves beautifully as it burns.
High-quality blended paraffin wax.
Wax that allows for a longer burn time.
Free from harmful chemicals.
Environmentally friendly.
 Made in Cape Town from 100% locally sourced ingredients.
10cm x 10cm.